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Ronstan Shock XL schijfloos blok 10 mm rood

De nieuwste Ronstan Shock XL is de grote broer van de succesvolle shock, een schijfloos blok. Ultra licht en extreem zwaar.
Artikelnummer: MM RF8081R
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De Shock XL is extreem sterk met een breekbelasting van maar liefst 1000 kg en met een gewicht van 12 gram een stuk lichter dan standaard blokken. De Ronstan Shock XL is ideaal voor het geleiden van lijnen waarbij wat weerstand geen probleem is, of voor toepassingen waar erg veel kracht op komt.

De SHeavless blOCK heeft geen bewegende delen en is daardoor virtueel onverwoestbaar.

  • Verkrijgbaar in rood en blauw
  • Lijndiameter t/m 10mm
  • Lengte 36mm
  • Breedte 24,8mm
  • Dikte 14,5mm
  • Gewicht 12 gram
  • Breekbelasting 1000 KG
  • Verpakt per stuk


  • Performance & versatility
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Ultra compact
  • Durable
  • Colour coded
  • Impact resistant
  • Small line optimised
  • High load capacity
  • Poor alignment tolerant
  • Soft attachment compatible
  • Grit & salt resistant

The SHeaveless blOCK
Available in four colour options - blue, green, grey and red with several attachment options, including webbing, pigtail, lashing and dyneema links, it will be the obvious choice for those kitesurfers, paragliders, control line deflections and purchase systems that require a lightweight high load capacity block.

Ultimate durability
With no moving parts SHOCKS provide ultimate durability and are maintenance free. They are ideal where sand and grit would compromise a bearing system or where regular flushing out isn’t possible. Their gentle 3-dimensional geometry is kind on lines, but is strong enough to cope with poor leads.

Soft attachment specialists
SHOCKS are designed primarily for ‘soft attachment’; spliced to a line end or lashed in place. The elongated attachment aperture is also ideal for webbing attachment, ensuring the intended orientation is maintained.

Virtually limitless applications
The applications for SHOCKS are virtually limitless, including numerous high performance dinghy and small sailboat rigging applications including tweakers, vangs, trapezes, cunninghams, barber haulers and kite bridles. They are also handy on larger boats for uses such as lazy jacks, sail covers, tie-downs, ladder and motor hoists.

Hidden performance
At a mere 2.5g (0.1 oz), SHOCKS are outstanding performers in the strength and weight stakes. The clever design and exacting finishing also provide excellent free running at moderate changes of angle. Small & hi-tech line specialists SHOCKS accept lines from 1.4mm (1/16”) up to 8mm (5/16”) and function just as well with hi-tech uncovered braids as with traditional double braids.
They are available in colour choices to help keep complicated rigging configurations more organised.

Unlimited uses, including kitesurfing, paragliders, sports kites, power kites, stunt kites, depower kites, traction kites, for deflection or purchase system on control lines

Anodised aluminium


Artikelnummer MM RF8081R
EAN 9316800525942
Produkt Typ Blokken schijfloos
Marke Ronstan

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